Frequently Asked Questions


return to topWill I be able to integrate the data into our own proprietary software?

Yes, we have a complete XML/API integration package available. For more information, please contact us at or 888-425-8326.


return to topWho should be using the software?

The software was created for use by anyone in the real estate industry who needs to determine repair costs on single family residences. Common users include Inspectors, Realtors, Appraisers, Lenders, Asset Managers and Property Preservation Companies.


return to topDoes the RepairBASE™ data provide nationwide information?

Yes, the data covers the entire United States, localized to the 5-digit zip code.


return to topHow are the costs derived?

We calculate our repair costs using labor (both union and non-union), materials and equipment. These costs are continually updated by our in-house research staff and electronic feeds from various labor and materials suppliers and are then validated, scored and adjusted based on localized 5-digit zip code costs. RepairBASE™ also incorporates contractor profit, overhead, and taxes in all cost calculations.


return to topAre the costs localized?

Yes, the cost associated with each repair consists of local labor rates per trade, local material costs and any additional base fees that might apply. These are all calculated together down to a 5-digit zip code.


return to topWhat is RepairBASE™?

RepairBASE™ is the Bluebook Smart Database and tools used for determining estimated repair costs on single family homes nationwide.


return to topIs RepairBASE™ approved by HUD?

RepairBASE™ meets the HUD requirements in ML2010-18 which states: "the mortgagee must upload all supporting documentation into P260, including a detailed description of what actions were taken, along with verifiable, auditable documentation which includes an itemized list of the repairs, materials used, room dimensions, receipts, and photographs." Additionally, HUD has informed all vendors that they are authorized to use any "commercially available, off the shelf" estimating tool.


return to topDoes RepairBASE™ calculate "maintenance and preservation" costs?

Yes, we have both maintenance and preservation costs as specified in ML2010-18, with nationwide coverage localized to the 5-digit zip.


return to topIf my office has 3 users and we would like to share our data can we do that?

Yes. RepairBASE™ allows an administrator to create users that will be managed as part of a master account. RepairBASE™ even allows your company administrator to create separate sub-groups for your sub-vendor partners.


return to topIs this a web based application?

Yes –RepairBASE™ is available 24/7 from any computer, Mac or PC, with access to the internet.


return to topHow often is the data updated?

RepairBASE™ is updated quarterly..


return to topCan I put my own logo on the top of the reports?

We are currently working on allowing this, but this is not available currently. However, users can download reports and add graphics provided they have appropriate software on their PC.


return to topCan I customize the reports?

Standard users of RepairBASE™ cannot customize their reports at this time. However, if you are integrating RepairBASE™ into your existing workflow or creating a custom application, the developer's kit supports customized reporting. If you would like more information about this, please contact our office.


return to topWhat if I get questioned by HUD on the cost of a repair?

We welcome the request to demonstrate how we calculate each item and will provide you with a report showing the assemblies and where the costs were derived from. Just simply email the report and we will send back a detailed description.


return to topCan I use RepairBASE™ on a Macintosh?

Because RepairBASE™ is an internet based application it is designed to work with any computer that can access the internet.